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Re-Living: The "Turyaa Way"

Our innovative “New-Age” product Turyaa Wellness provides a way to objectively perform the ancient pulse diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha) process. It comes with a unique combination of a secured AI-enabled centralized server, an app with diet-lifestyle corrective plan & culinary treats with access to a holistic practitioner. We monitor your inner health, are always connected and accessible to you, and help you get back to healthy balanced living.

AI- Tech powered by Science of India- Ayurveda

Nadi pariksha is one of the 8 diagnostic methods in Ayurveda. With the power of understanding the inner health from Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and correlating them with AI-tech to give past, present, and futuristic health issues.

The science isn't new but AI-based Tech bought Ayurveda science into the language which makes understanding Inner Health easier at one click!!

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2 - Device.jpg

India's first ever @home Health check-up device

Turyaa's patented sensing technology records the very sensitive pressure pulse on your wrist (Vata, Pitta, Kapha locations). To provide insights for your Inner Health in Real-time view to plan your day to eat, exercise & work each day.

First ever portable, predictive, personalised Health tracker "Make In India - Made for All".

Our AYSUH Ministry awarded tech converts the Nadi signal into Real-time Inner Health Scores to help you stay consious throughout the day:

  • Wellbeing Scores: Boost your Immunity levels to keep up with good health

  • Digestion Scores: Level-up your Digestive system to keep metabolism balanced

  • Stress Scores: Manage your stress to keep your senses at check

3 - Waves + Score + Take Nadi.jpg

Real-time Immunity, Digestion and Stress Tracking @one click

4 - Diet + Receipe + Yoga.jpg

Personalized Diet and Yoga recommendations for your Choosen Wellness Goal

Turyaa considers your Prakruti, Nadi-based Vikruti, wellness goal, age, seasons, likings, allergies and medical history to provide you (and your family) a personalized diet and yoga plan.

  • Ayurveda: Personalised to suit your Prakruti & Vikruti

  • Nutrition: Calorie-freindly as per your Real-time cravings

  • Culinary: Culinary aromas based on Ayurveda tastes

  • Yoga: Relax, Restore, Rejuvinate your senses

Monitor and Improve your Immunity & Inner Health from "With In"

Turyaa provides personalized solutions to everyday problems by understanding the imbalance between the Prakruti (body type) and Vikruti (today’s condition: balanced or imbalanced) of a person.


Turyaa eqautes Ayurveda belief that - What grows from within, should be known from within and also be treated from within!!

5 - Balance.jpg
6 - AI Server.jpg

Holistic AI-server as one-stop predictive solution

On the contrary to the HRV signals of most fitness bands, Turyaa uses rich pulse patterns of underlying wellness & latent conditions. Our successful 1,30,000+ diagnostic data on the AI-server provides a 5-stage well-being plan customizable to your needs.

As you use Turyaa more and more, it further adjusts to your lifestyle giving systematic pathway for your further wellness journey!!

Turyaa Coach - Your 24/7 Inner Health Assistant

@ a click

Monitor, diagnose, counsel and motivate with a human touch is complimentary in Turyaa to assure you about your wellness journey.

7 - Coach Connect.jpg
blog image 2.png

Re-connect living healthy & together as a Family

Care for each other, Comfort eachother & Consiously work together to eat, exercise, medidate as a family.

Choose Your Element

सर्वमं इदं पांचभौतिकम् !!
Turyaa Device Specifications

Dimensions :  210mm 90mm 50mm
Battery Capacity : 1800 mah
Charge : USB Charging Station
Bluetooth : BLE 5.0
Sensor : Three Pressure Sensors
Input Voltage : DC3.7V
Weight : 375g
Material : Medical Grade PC
Warranty : 1 Year
Language : English


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