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Re-Living: The "Turyaa Way"

Our innovative “New-Age” product Turyaa Wellness provides a way to objectively perform the ancient pulse diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha) process. It comes with a unique combination of a secured AI-enabled centralized server, an app with diet-lifestyle corrective plan & culinary treats with access to a holistic practitioner. We monitor your inner health, are always connected and accessible to you, and help you get back to healthy balanced living.

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Choose Your Element

सर्वमं इदं पांचभौतिकम् !!

The Unique 5 elements cover Kapha, Vata, Pitta & Tridosha . With each element defined as 
Earth bonds with colour of natures (Kapha) to nurture and heal you. Water ally's to colour blue (Kapha, Vata) boosting your confidence and happiness. Fire relates with Orange (Pitta) to kindle your creativity and determination. Air binds to lavender (Tridosha) influencing your compassion and consciousness. Ether connects with purple colour (Pitta and Vata) reflecting your Devotion and wisdom.


Turyaa device specifications

Turyaa is a handy, light, portal device made in India, awarder by the Ministry Of Ayush. A modern device that will help you and your family achieve well being goals .

Turyaa Device Earth Varient , Table Top Device , Nadi Pariksha. specifications , technical details.

Dimensions :  210mm 90mm 50mm
Battery Capacity : 1800 mah
Charge : USB Charging Station
Bluetooth : BLE 5.0
Sensor : Three Pressure Sensors
Input Voltage : DC3.7V
Weight : 375g
Material : Medical Grade PC
Warranty : 1 Year
Language : English


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