New-age Upwas Superfood - 1

Amaranth (Rajgira)


The “New-normal” phenomenon has touched our lives in small and big ways. We truly understood the real need to eat naturally & locally sourced foods. Our country India, its geographical location, our customs and traditions have made us eat the natural way & heal the real way. One such interesting tradition is the arrival of Shravan (Monson). The season brings in a lot of rain, nature’s transformation, lush greenery and a lot of Hindu festivals. Upwas or traditional fasting has been a common tradition since ancient ages. Besides sago or sabudana or tapioca and varai or saam ke chawal there is a grain named Rajgira or Amaranth which is also the “New-age” super food. It is gaining popularity in the upwas times or among people with Gluten or IBS or Weight Loss issues due to its high digestible properties termed as Laghu guna according to Ayurveda. Time to change your traditional upwas cereals to this magic grain Rajgira or Amaranth. Lets know more about this Super-Upwas food: Rajgira or Amaranth in our New blog.

Bloggers - Mrs. Archana Patil & Dr. Shillpa Jamdarkhana (Wellness Coaches)

Credits - Mrs. Shruti Kulkarni & Dr. Tejaswini Bhale (Domain Experts)