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Aarogyarahasya Lekhmala 2

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Reader’s let us discuss today the merits and demerits of sitting and walking!!

The person who spends most of the time indoor by sitting in a place maintains a good complexion. It’s because he seldom has to face, sunrays, dust, vehicle smoke & fast air.

Sitting for a long time without exercise decreases metabolic rate & produces excessive kapha which promotes diseases like cold & asthma.

As kapha and meda are of same nature, meda dhatu also gets increased. It causes fat deposition at buttock, thigh, chest and abdominal region. Existing fat is not utilized and new fat goes on depositing due to lack of movement. Excessive abdominal fat causes lumbar pain. Obesity is further responsible for Hypertension and Diabetes.

Long-term sitting schedule or habit imparts laziness. Laziness causes lack of exercise, which induces hardly any muscular movement and hence muscles are provided with less blood circulation. Ultimately muscles are not nourished significantly. These people are mostly sluggish. They can not accustom with changes such as sunrays, wind, rain & traveling, hence they are

called as Sukumar.

If we take slight rest after an exertion it gives immense pleasure.

Kapha, obesity & Sukumarata vanishes due to extensive walking. Complexion gets darker than usual.

Daily walking increases metabolic rate. Intake, Absorption & Excretion improves. Blood circulation gets enhanced. Muscular power is gained. A brain is nourished well, which increases intellectual power. Proper digestion & excretion ultimately improves appetite. Sense organs perform at it’s best.

That’s why instead of being relaxed by

consuming anti-coagulants & anti-cholesterol drugs, let’s wake up & walk from today itself.

And enjoy the healthy life!!

Ref. -

Dr. Mangesh Desai


Yoga & Hypnotherapy Consultant

Pimple Saudagar, Pune.

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