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Guaranteed Weight Loss or Money Back

Lose It with Turyaa

Get Premium Features of Turyaa  in just Rs.5000/- 

Try our personalized Weight Loss program PROVEN to make losing weight easier!

  • Weekly Nadi pariksha @your doorstep

  • Six Video consultations with Ayurveda coach and nutritionist

  •  Metabolism enhancer kadha

  • Customized diet plan

  • Personalized recommendations of yoga & excercise

  • Music Therapy for emotional well-being

  • Live yoga sessions by experts


New Year,
New You...

The prevalence of obesity in India is around 40 percent and is spreading fast in every group. Childhood obesity and its ill effects are a new Era challenge. When we observe keenly, obesity is a manmade condition and causes mainly includes sedentary lifestyle, wrong food habits, and disturbed lifestyle and stress. Here, in Turyaa we help with not only weight loss but also emotional well-being & Fitness.

Turyaa will help you in apt way with its unique features. It's best platform with an individual-specific approach. Nadi, a mirror of your metabolic health is always monitored and compared for the betterment of health-related goals. Individual specific diet, exercise, water intake, herbal tea for weight loss suggested from the app is a very scientific and sustainable approach for good healthy weight loss.

Join our Weight Loss program for your healthy body

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