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 About Turyaa

Turyaa, came into existence when we realized the importance of Ayurveda. We believe that both Ayurveda and modern science can coexist and even work better when combined. A concept that is not popular in today’s day and time, we knew we could change the lifestyle ecosystem for better.

Our team, came together to create a revolutionary product: Turyaa

Our Timeline

Core Team

Dr. Aniruddha Joshi

Founder & CEO

Visionary, Forward thinking & Innovative at mind and heart makes Aniruddha the best Team Motivator and Team Role model to All his people!


Mr. Parag Kulkarni

Co-Founder & CTO

Very Dynamic, Cheerful, Best Decision Maker & Multitasker of our Team.


Dr. Tejaswini Bhale 

Chief Ayurveda Officer | Research & Product Development

Mentor, Motivator & Inspiring by nature makes Vaidya Tejaswini the most profound member of our Team.


Mrs. Shruti Kulkarni

Research & Product Development | Clinical Nutritionist | Wellness Coach

Dynamic, Facilitating & Thoughtful by nature makes Shruti the most soulful member of our Team.

Wellness Experts & Coaches

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Dr. Gayatri Mule

MD Ayurveda

Thoughtful , Wise with Words & writter at heart makes Dr.Gayatri the most creative team member and blogger at TURYAA.


Dr. Shilpa Jamdarkhana

Wellness Coach - Ayurveda

Humble and thoughtful by nature makes Dr Shilpa the most compassionate and connected Wellness Coach


Mrs. Archana Patil

Wellness Coach - Nutrition

Passionate and energetic attitude makes Archana the most promising and connected Wellness Coach

Chef Hrushikesh Gokhale_edited.jpg

Chef Hrushikesh Gokhale

Culinary Data Management | Chef and Culinary Expert

Endearing, Skilled & Precision loving makes Hrushikesh the most passionate member of our Team.


Satyam Seth

Yoga Consultant

Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation Coach. Reiki Healer. Inspiration for yoga practitioner


Mrs.Janhvee Bhandari

Yoga Consultant

A good yoga consultant shows authenticity in their personality, they have energy and a true passion for their teachings, wanting to educate and inspire others.

Customer Relationship


Manish Singh

Regional Sales Manager

Agile, Friendly & Creative at heart, makes Manish the most optimistic Team member.


Harshad Marathe

Admin Executive

Genuine, Friendly & Committed makes Harshad the most trusted Team member.


Prathamesh Sawant

Graphic Designer

Experienced of 10+ years in Calligraphy, with expertise in Graphic Designing.

Product Development 


Jay Soni

Backend Developer (PHP)

Problem solver, multitasking and programmer, passionate Developer in our Team member.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 5.14_edited.jpg

Arti Patil

Production Executive

Sincere, Virtuous & Organised makes Aarti the most passionate Team member.


Namrata Navale

Account Manager

Accurately and efficiently supporting accounting activitives,Namrata the most optimistic team member.

Our Pillars


Prof. JB Joshi

Padmabhushan | DAE-Homi Bhabha chair | Ex-VC ICT Mumbai

Scientist at heart, Innovator at mind, Mentor at soul. Padmabhushan Dr J.B.Joshi Sir is the most inspiring Team connector at Atreya


Satish Gokhale

Director Industrial Design | Design | Design Director | Design of the Decade Award | Red Dot Award

Mentor , innovator and a specialist in his field makes him a vital support pillar in our endeavours.

vaidya Ashok Bhatt-01_edited.jpg

Late Vaidya Ashok Bhatt

Ayurvedic Nadi Expert

Renowned Nadi Vaidya , Panthomath . He was always open to new ideas and scientific approaches ,keen to record and study the Nadi from humans , plants and even lifeless objects.


Prasad P. Meharunkar


30 years in delivering Digital, Engineering, Sourcing and Manufacturing solutions across the globe.


Mukund Deshpande


Known for his interdisciplinary strategic interventions.

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